David A. Dean
Chair, Legislative Committee
Dean International, Inc

Vice Chair
Mike Lee

Ronald W. Robbins, CPA
Chair, Finance & Audit Committee
Robbins Cobb Jenkins &
Associates, PLLC

Jim Hughes
Retired Dallas Police Dept.

W. Harold Collum
Chair, Cyber Crime
U.S. Data Mining, L.L.C.

Jean Maier Dean
Chair, Crime Stoppers
Nathan D. Maier Consulting Engineers

Dennis Dorsey
North Park Partners

Darrell L. Fant
Retired Highland Park DPS

Rich Garcia
Co-Chair, Cyber Crime
Chief Executive Officer
NTI-Investigative &
Analytical Support Services

Patti Geolat
The Geolat Companies

Guadalupe Gonzalez
Glass Ratner Advisory & Capital Group

Larry Jasper
Larry Jaspers Investments

Dave Palmlund
Stanton Chase

Richard Roper
Thompson & Knight LLP

Clyde Siebman
Siebman, Burg, Phillips & Smith, LLP

Cheryl Sinacola
KickStart Kids

Jason Winborn

Albert C. Zapanta
President & CEO Planning, Inc.

William (Bill) Caruth, III
Donna Halstead
Mariano Martinez
Charlie Tyner

North Texas Crime Commission

Where do we begin to explain the heartbreak and sadness of the last week…. Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave DART Officer and the Dallas Police Officers that gave their lives and the injured last week defending and protecting the citizens of Dallas. We extend our condolences to the families and loved ones of those who sacrificed all, those who were injured, and the innocent who were harmed.


Support the Dallas Ambush Victims’ Fund

Suggested Minimum Donation:
$150 / person; $250 / couple;
No donation turned away

Form of Payment: Credit cards, Checks or Cash accepted
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Checks Payable to:
North Texas Crime Commission
Memo: Dallas Ambush Victims' Fund-East Dallas Event
P.O. Box 601723
Dallas, Texas 75360-1723

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Honorary Co-Chairs*
Congressman Pete and Karen Sessions
Sen. Bob & Kay Hall
Sen. Don & Mary Catherine Huffines
Sen. Elect - Bryan Hughes
Rep. Cindy Burkett
Rep. Linda Koop
Rep. Jeff & Becky Leach
Rep. Morgan & Keana Meyer
Rep. Matt & Robyn Shaheen
Rep. Kenneth & Michele Sheets
Rep. Jason & Brooke Villalba
Rep. Elect - Cole Hefner
Commissioner Paul & Rebecca Perry, Ellis County
Erleigh Norville Wiley, Kaufman County District Attorney &
Aaron Wiley
Hon. Philip Kingston
Hon. Adam McGough
Hon. Pauline Medrano
Superintendent & Mrs. Rick Sorrells
Hon. Wade & Michelle Emmert
Chart Westcott
The North Texas Crime Commission
(Partial Listing at the Time of Printing)

Shawn Adams
Jerry & Michelle Baus
Fredrick & Donna Bennett
William Besse
Dr. & Mrs. Ron Bose
Roberta Bracken
Robert Bracken
Trey Branham & Renee Skinner
Cindy Brown
Jeff Bryan & Elizabeth Polanco
Kelly Carpenter
Robert Charlap & Elizabeth Mast
Chris & Pennie Chiames
Tom & Kelley Class
Robert Cox
Gerald & Shelly Crain
Vickers Cunningham, Sr.
David & Jean Dean
Sarah Dodd & David Kunkle
Joe & Cynthia Dulworth
Louise Finley
C.M. & S.E. Fite
Michael French & Jean Bainbridge
Jose Frieg
Elizabeth Giddens
Billy Gipson
Deborah Goldstein
Lupe Gonzalez
Mike & Debbie Gray
Larry & Mary Hahn
Chris & Anne Hamilton
Ronald Hanson
Deborah Hilton
Gary & Vanessa Hoffman
Paul Huang
Jim & Kelly Hughes
Martha J. Hulse
Helen LaKelly Hunt & Harville Hendrix
Larry Jasper
Bryan & Lee Jones
Cameron & Natalie Kinvig
Justin Koch
Daniel Kossman
Gary & Anne Lacefield
Ellyce Lindberg
Amir Loloi/Loloi Rugs
Peter & Christine Loh
Michelle Manners & Marc Rathbun
Carlos & Robin Marin
Ken & Gaye Martin
James B. McClure & Angela Joy Vaughan
Nick & Rhonda McCune
William McDonald
Charlie & Rachel Moussa
Northern Star Lodge #377
Larry & Martha Novorr
Dave & Suzanne Palmlund
John Pelletier
PepsiCo/Frito Lay/Michael Lee
Jacklyn Perry
G. Phillips
David & Judi Proctor
Paul & Raelaine Radnitz
Craig & Helen Rekerdres
Ron Robbins
Richard Roper
Robert & Dee Ruckman
Adam & Robyn Schaub
Craig & Christy Scheef
Brian Shultz & Elizabeth Odstrcil
Neil Shultze
Joseph & Diana Siddall
Scott & Hillary Dean Siekierski
Cooper Thomas Siekierski
David & Cheryl Sinacola
Lance Sumpter
Donald Sutherland
Ali Talebi
Rick & Lorina Taylor
William & Susan Temple
Carl Tepper
Chief Granver Tolliver & Dr. Dawn Bankston
Christopher Vesy & Al Roller
Larry & Marilyn Waisanen
Bill Wallace/Success North Dallas
Risa Weinberger
James & Andrea Whelan
Bruce & Susan Wohlfeld
Bryan & Marna Wohlfeld
Anja Woodson
Ben & Lydia Wright
Christina Yampanis

(Partial Listing at Time of Printing)


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North Texas Crime Commission
Memo: Dallas Ambush Victims' Fund-East Dallas Event
P.O. Box 601723
Dallas, Texas 75360-1723

Or pay online with PayPal or Credit Card: All Credit Cards Accepted

For more information on the North Texas Crime Commission:
Tina Yampanis 214/207-0017 or

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